05S203 2006

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Hi peepz, i take it upon myself to give a brief update on everyone current status as far as i know. Pardon me for giving false info because i am suffering from severe amnesia.

Peiyan- studying double degree biochemical sci/tcm in ntu

ibrizah-studying chemistry and biological chemistry at ntu

hiuyan-studying to be a physiotherapist at polyuni @ Hong Kong

Hazel- forgot

Parveen- studying in sch of social sci in smu? no idea

kristin- studying sci(chem)at nus

christopher- armoured unit in army. i c him mon to fri. same unit

ming han - in tekong as a spec doing some marine thing

weichee- medicine in NUS

ying hui- serving in the Navy

luqman- a medic in tekong island

edrei- SAF band personnel

zuhua- armoured unit in army

weijun- physiotherapist assistant

me- got owned and got a scarred finger in taiwan. Fuckshit. now a clerk in armoured unit.

isaac- rec trooper

Monday, April 09, 2007

*Bump goes the Icecream. Video

Hiu Yan here trying out on some simple video clips. ^^ Hope you enjoy it yea. ^^

Her deepest thought....

13th October 2006
09:20 am

Ms Wang expressing her deepest feelings on the last day of our official schooling days.


*Bump goes the Icecream.

It seems that I'm the only moron still maintaining the class blog in futility. Anyway, with the terrible NS looming ever closer for some of us, we decided to go out on an ice cream outing and dinner at Suntec. Being poor people, we ate at the food court where as usual, I was the last to finish my food. We then proceeded to Ben & Jerry's to redeem our 6 scoops of free icecream. Largely by coincidence, we met Sarah Wong from MJ there; apparently that was her part time job or something I guess.
The ice cream was pretty nice. Silly WC chose a horrible noxious coffee flavoured one which Parveen & I refused to touch. Parveen chose Cookie Dough which was pretty much brillant. Ib chose Berry Extraordinary which I thought was damm nice. Moronic Hiu Yan selected FISH FOOD. I was pretty much flabbergasted until upon enlightenment, fish food merely referred to fish shaped chocolate bits. As for me, I went for Mango Lime sorbet, which I thought was the best flavour ever (Parveen agree with me too =D). Tangy, tropical but not mouth bendingly sour, it possessed the right proportions of sweet and sour without the guilt ridden fats.
Subsequently, we went over to Katong Shopping Centre to a KTV lounge where we got really high singing some songs. Oh yea, Kristin joined us then too. She has a very cute brown dog which she keeps smacking when we took a lift in her brother's car. Ought to be charged with animal abuse. Lol.


Saturday, December 09, 2006


I know this is pretty late but, the As are over!!!


Saturday, August 26, 2006

Parodies & Parallels of Shinigami & 05S203

For some reason on the last day of school, some of us 'Bleach' kakis decided to go down the register and draw parallels between captains of the Gotei 13 and our class. Here goes:

1st Division Captain: Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni
Register No. 1: Peyan (Pen)
Well it's pretty cool that she's the one in charge of Gotei 16.

2nd Division Captain: Soi Fon
Register No. 2: Ibrizah (Breeze)
Hey no kidding man. Ibrizah is a blackbelt!

3rd Division Captain: Ichimaru Gin
Register No. 3: Hiu Yan (Monkeylau)
Really the resemblance is so uncanny I dunno where to start. That perpetual smile, those eyes...

4th Division Captain: Unohana Retsu
Register No. 4: Hazel
Here its pretty striking here too with all the healing abilities and all. The fact that Hazel is in Red Cross can only be a bonus.

5th Division Captain: Aizen Sousuke
Register No. 5: Parveen (Para Para)
It's not bad here too. Being the main antagonist in the show, it only serves to complement Parveen's evil Brown Widow image.

6th Division Captain: Kuchiki Byakuya
Register No 6: Kristin Peh
Scenario: Kristin training to master Senbonzakura.
Kristin: Chire, Senbonzakura!
*Zampakutou cracks in half and clatters to the ground*
But hey, they both have the character 'Bai" in their names!

7th Division Captain: Komamura Sajin
Register No. 7: Chris (Kang Ge, Ogre etc.)
Not bad. Komamura is the tallest member of the Gotei 13 as is Chris the tallest of the Gotei 16. Not to mention they are both pretty intimidating sometimes.

8th Division Captain: Kyouraku Shunsui
Register No. 8: Ming Han
Both like girls and Ming Han is a pink person...

9th Division Captain: Tousen Kaname
Register No. 9: Wei Chee (Chee)
Well, they are both pretty dark-skinned.

10th Division Captain: Hitsugaya Toushiro
Register No. 10: Ying Hui
Same context as the 7th division comparision.

11th Division Captain: Zaraki Kenpachi
Register No. 11: Luqman (luqqi)
I don't think Luq is gonna have that much trouble putting on bells as Zaraki does...

12th Division Captain: Kurotsuchi Mayuri
Register No. 12: ME
Yuck. To think that I actually ended up with him. Frankly I think this place rightfully belong to someone else but oh well. But pretty Nemu being my Vice captain , I don't think I'm gonna complain too much either.

13th Division Captain: Ukitake Juushiro
Register No. 13: Elvynd
Wow better start growing long hair soon...

(the next three people will be following the the vice captains of the division following the second digit of their register number)

4th Division Vice Captain: Kotetsu Isane
Register No. 14: Wei Jun
Well, his ambition is to be a doctor, so yea I suppose theres some similarity there.

5th Division Vice Captain: Hinamori Momo
Register No. 15: Kahhaw (Cow)
Well they are both pretty innocent and ahem*, cute.

6th Division Vice Captain: Abarai Renji
Register No. 16: Isaac (I-Z)
Hafta start the tatoo work soon...


Wednesday, May 31, 2006



Once upon a time there was a bunch of tiny frogs who arranged a running competition. The goal was to reach the top of a very high tower. A big crowd had gathered around the tower to see the race and cheer on the contestants.
The race began.... Honestly: No one in crowd really believed that the tiny frogs would reach the top of the tower.
You heard statements such as:
"Oh, WAY too difficult!!"
"They will NEVER make it to the top."
or: "Not a chance that they will succeed. The tower is too high!"

The tiny frogs began collapsing. One by one.... Except for those, who in a fresh tempo, were climbing higher and higher....The crowd continued to yell, "It is too difficult!!! No one will make it!" More tiny frogs got tired and gave up.
But ONE continued higher and higher and higher.... This one wouldn't give up!

At the end everyone else had given up climbing the tower. Except for the one tiny frog who, after a big effort, was the only one who reached the top!

THEN all of the other tiny frogs naturally wanted to know how this one frog managed to do it? A contestant asked the tiny frog how he had found the strength to succeed and reach the goal? It turned out.... That the winner was DEAF!!!!

The wisdom of this story is: Never listen to other people's tendencies to be negative or pessimistic.... because they take your most wonderful dreams and wishes away from you -- the ones you have in your heart!

Always think of the power words have. Because everything you hear and read will affect your actions! Therefore: ALWAYS be....POSITIVE!

And above all: Be DEAF when people tell YOU that you cannot fulfill your dreams! Always think: God and I can do this!

Most people walk in and out of your life......but FRIENDS leave footprints in your heartIn two days tomorrow will be yesterday.

Today is no special day and I have no particular reason for writing to you... I have no news to tell you.... nor any problems to discuss with you.... or gossip to tell you...

It's only one of those happy moments... when I thought of you... and I would like to share these thoughts with you... MANY SMILES BEGIN BECAUSE OF ANOTHER SMILE...

To The World You Might Be One Person; But To One Person You Might Be the World.


Saturday, May 27, 2006

I have uploaded the photos to the following link.

Enjoy and do give some feedback.


All the best for the exams ahead.
Mug smart, my friends.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Klaz CIP

Yay! 05S203 did class CIP today! Not only was it damm funny, exciting as well as rewarding, but it was an opportunity for some of our class' savants to showcase their vocal talents! Special mention goes to Kahhaw for his expertise on Chinese Oldies, Hiu Yan and her self perpetuating entertainment and not forgetting the stunning duet by Hazel and Isaac! Haha.... Here are some photos:
Clapping to the music for the old folks!
Hazel and Isaac discussing their finale performance.
Despite some nerves, Hazel cheers us up with a smile!
Ibz, Luq and Parv joined in even though we were doing chinese songs. You guys rock.
Getting ready for the climax showdown....
Taking Pics with the old folks.

The final picture; it says it all.

Haha... it was definitely an intensely rewarding and memorable day. Kinda sorry if some of the photo quality kinda suck due to the film grain (ISO too high, yech), but I'm sure HY will come along and upload her photos as well to expand the album and present better alternatives. Enjoy!